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About Rest Easy Home Inspections

Jay McArthur is no stranger to hard work, after 14 years of serving in the Canadian Armed Forces, multiple deployments, both foreign and domestic, meeting and working with various VIP’s including Her Majesty The Queen, The Honorable Governor General Of Canada, The Prime Minister and many other’s. Jay was also working for himself in the renovation and construction business, from new construction to full home renovations. After retiring, Jay pursued his goal of becoming a Home Inspector, Certified by North America’s #1 Home Inspector Training  Association InterNACHI. After completing all education training, and completing 25 mentored inspections, Jay is continuously looking for ways to expand his business opportunities.

Customer knowledge and education.
Our goal is to help educate our customers and give them the knowledge they need to not only buy or sell their homes. Then when the time comes, also maintain, improve and repair as needed. Well educated clients make better decisions when hiring home inspectors, contractors, repair people, planning for home improvements and maintaining their homes, all in the most cost effective manner.

Choosing the Right Home Inspector?
Buying a home?  It’s probably the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make.  This is no time to shop for a cheap inspection.  The cost of a home inspection is very small relative to the value of the home being inspected.  The additional cost of hiring an InterNACHI-Certified Professional Inspector® is almost insignificant.

You have recently been crunching the numbers, negotiating offers, adding up closing costs, shopping for mortgages, and trying to get the best deals.  Don’t stop now.  Don’t let your real estate agent, a “patty-cake” inspector, or anyone else talk you into skimping here.  InterNACHI-certified inspectors  perform the best inspections by far.

The above holds true for all other people you might need to hire to do work around your home, with the added advice of always get 3 or 4 estimates and compare them closley to make sure they are all doing the same job. Try not to be a “test dummy” for someone offering the latest, greatest product that has no real facts to back up claims.


The time taken to inspect a house or apartment for sale is usually enough to assess the structural performance or costly maintenance requirements.

Training & Education

InterNACHI inspectors:

  • have to pass InterNACHI’s Online Inspector Examination, and re-take and pass it every three years (it’s free and open to everyone, and free to re-take);
  • have to complete InterNACHI’s online Code of Ethics Course (free to take after joining, and self-paced);
  • have to take InterNACHI’s online Standards of Practice Course (free to take after joining, and self-paced);
  • must submit a signed Membership Affidavit;
  • substantially adhere to InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice;
  • abide by InterNACHI’s Code of Ethics;
  • have to submit four mock inspection reports to InterNACHI’s Report Review Committee (for free) before performing their first paid home inspection for a client if the candidate has never performed a fee-paid home inspection previously;
  • within the first year of membership, have to successfully pass the following free online, accredited, and self-paced courses and exams:
    • InterNACHI’s “Safe Practices for the Home Inspector” course,
    • InterNACHI’s “25 Standards Every Inspector Should Know” course,
    • InterNACHI’s “Residential Plumbing Overview for Inspectors” course,
    • InterNACHI’s “How to Perform Residential Electrical Inspections” course,
    • InterNACHI’s “How to Perform Roof Inspections” course,
    • InterNACHI’s “How to Inspect HVAC Systems” course,
    • InterNACHI’s “Structural Issues for Home Inspectors” course,
    • InterNACHI’s “How to Perform Exterior Inspections” course,
    • InterNACHI’s “How to Inspect the Attic, Insulation, Ventilation and Interior” course,
    • InterNACHI’s “How to Perform Deck Inspections” course,
    • InterNACHI’s “How to Inspect for Moisture Intrusion” course, and
    • InterNACHI’s “How to Inspect Fireplaces, Stoves, and Chimneys” course.
  • have to pursue inspection-related training by taking 24 hours of additional accredited Continuing Education each year;
  • have to maintain their Online Continuing Education Log (free), per InterNACHI’s rigorous Continuing Education policy;
  • have access to InterNACHI’s Message Board for exchanging information and tips with colleagues and experts;
  • have access to InterNACHI’s “What’s New” section so that they can keep up with the latest news and events in the inspection industry;
  • have access to InterNACHI’s time-tested Inspection Agreement, which keeps them (and you) away from lawsuits;
  • have access to InterNACHI’s Report Review/Mentoring Service;
  • have to carry E&O Insurance (if their state requires it);
  • have access to a real estate agent Hold-Harmless Clause;
  • and have access to many other benefits, training, marketing tools and information to help themselves, as well as consumers and real estate professionals, provided for free by the world’s largest inspector association.


Memberships & Affiliations

  • InterNACHI
  • Trenton Kiwanis
  • Trenton BNI
  • Cold Creek Comets and QWMHA
  • Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses
  • Donate to various local community charities

Refer to us with Confidence

You can hire with confidence knowing that on top of being properly vetted, both the Code of Ethics & The Standards of Practice of Professional Home Inspectors accross Canada will be followed.